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  • Adobe After Effects CS6 Essential Training
    • 08. Going in Depth with Type and Shapes
      • video97575_08_03_SC12_3dtext.mov23.54 MB
      • video97575_08_01_SC12_textanim.mov32.78 MB
      • video97575_08_02_SC12_t3dspace.mov19.13 MB
      • video97575_08_04_SC12_pathtext.mov22.8 MB
      • video97575_08_05_SC12_shapeanim.mov25.11 MB
    • 09. Video in Depth
      • video97575_09_02_SC02_retime.mov28.69 MB
      • video97575_09_01_SC12_stylize.mov22.74 MB
      • video97575_09_03_SC02_retouch.mov30.98 MB
      • video97575_09_04_SC12_stabilize.mov16.67 MB
    • 05. Using Effects to Modify Layers
      • video97575_05_03_SC12_backg.mov19.27 MB
      • video97575_05_02_SC12_gengfx.mov22.79 MB
      • video97575_05_04_SC02_stroks.mov18.54 MB
      • video97575_05_01_SC12_effects.mov30.6 MB
    • 04. Animation 101
      • video97575_04_02_SC02_keys.mov30.58 MB
      • video97575_04_04_SC02_graph.mov23.97 MB
      • video97575_04_03_SC12_kinter.mov21.96 MB
      • video97575_04_08_SC12_taudio.mov13.9 MB
      • video97575_04_06_SC12_parpick.mov30.53 MB
      • video97575_04_09_SC02_trimsli.mov19.99 MB
      • video97575_04_10_SC12_imagswa.mov11.83 MB
      • video97575_04_01_SC12_underkey.mov18.9 MB
      • video97575_04_05_SC02_graphpos.mov24.16 MB
      • video97575_04_07_SC12_animpath.mov18.72 MB
    • 12. Project. Tracking and Advanced 3D
      • video97575_12_01_SC12_tracam.mov27.24 MB
      • video97575_12_05_SC12_rtmats.mov25.29 MB
      • video97575_12_06_SC12_envmap.mov13.6 MB
      • video97575_12_07_SC12_compos.mov26.63 MB
      • video97575_12_03_SC12_extrude.mov23.19 MB
      • video97575_12_08_SC12_renpass.mov28.53 MB
      • video97575_12_02_SC12_trcamtri.mov26.11 MB
      • video97575_12_04_SC12_bendylay.mov23.21 MB
      • video97575_12_09_SC12_buildcomp.mov23.52 MB
    • 01. Getting Started
      • video97575_01_03_SC12_comps.mov27.64 MB
      • video97575_01_04_SC12_layers.mov21.7 MB
      • video97575_01_07_SC12_threeD.mov22.33 MB
      • video97575_01_02_SC12_wrkspce.mov23.38 MB
      • video97575_01_05_SC12_animkey.mov24.91 MB
      • video97575_01_06_SC12_effects.mov10.42 MB
      • video97575_01_01_SC12_sixfound.mov16 MB
      • video97575_01_09_SC12_prefcach.mov16.8 MB
      • video97575_01_10_SC12_organize.mov10.57 MB
      • video97575_01_08_SC12_rendering.mov24.6 MB
    • 06. Jumping into 3D
      • video97575_06_01_SC12_cams.mov27.56 MB
      • video97575_06_03_SC12_poslay.mov18.56 MB
      • video97575_06_04_SC12_lgtmts.mov26.17 MB
      • video97575_06_02_SC12_3dlayer.mov17.23 MB
      • video97575_06_06_SC12_dopfield.mov18.28 MB
      • video97575_06_05_SC12_3dprecomp.mov6.33 MB
    • 03. Building and Designing with Layers
      • video97575_03_02_SC12_text.mov17.46 MB
      • video97575_03_08_SC12_rotob.mov25.07 MB
      • video97575_03_03_SC12_lymask.mov21.34 MB
      • video97575_03_05_SC12_swtmode.mov27.19 MB
      • video97575_03_07_SC12_varmask.mov13.83 MB
      • video97575_03_09_SC12_refroto.mov14.69 MB
      • video97575_03_01_SC12_deflayer.mov19.99 MB
      • video97575_03_06_SC12_custmask.mov16.98 MB
      • video97575_03_04_SC12_shaplayers.mov17.47 MB
    • 02. Understanding Compositions
      • video97575_02_01_SC12_comps.mov22.21 MB
      • video97575_02_02_SC12_import.mov24.65 MB
      • video97575_02_06_SC12_Relink.mov14.38 MB
      • video97575_02_03_SC12_prepcomps.mov27.15 MB
      • video97575_02_04_SC12_renderers.mov10.87 MB
      • video97575_02_05_SC12_IntroPrecomp.mov24.2 MB
    • 10. Project. Keying Green Screen Footage
      • video97575_10_01_SC12_ukey.mov9.73 MB
      • video97575_10_02_SC12_garbmask.mov13.06 MB
      • video97575_10_03_SC12_keylight.mov20.83 MB
    • 07. Exporting and Rendering
      • video97575_07_02_SC12_Alphas.mov14.36 MB
      • video97575_07_03_SC12_render.mov12.65 MB
      • video97575_07_04_SC12_medenc.mov16.12 MB
      • video97575_07_05_SC12_archive.mov13.31 MB
      • video97575_07_01_SC12_prerender.mov20.04 MB
    • 11. Integrating External Projects
      • video97575_11_03_SC12_premiere.mov16.52 MB
      • video97575_11_01_SC12_photoshop.mov19.55 MB
      • video97575_11_02_SC12_illustrator.mov12.11 MB
    • 00. Introduction
      • video97575_00_01_MM01_welcome.mov14.05 MB
      • video97575_00_02_SC12_exfiles.mov2.2 MB
      • video97575_00_00_MM01_WhatIs_afterfx.mov6.6 MB
    • documentsREADME.nfo1.75 KB
    • archivesExercise Flies.zip1.21 GB
    • video97575_13_01_SC12_goodbye.mov3.88 MB
    • documentsMBAM ZIP File Malware Scan Log.txt2 KB

Author: Ian Robinson
Subject: Video
Software: After Effects CS6
Level: Beginner | Duration: 8h 41m | Released date: May 07, 2012
In this course, author Ian Robinson introduces Adobe After Effects CS6 and the world of animation, effects, and compositing. Chapter 1 introduces the six foundations of After Effects, which include concepts like layers, keyframes, rendering, and moving in 3D space. The rest of the course expands on these ideas, and shows how to build compositions with layers, perform rotoscoping, animate your composition with keyframes, add effects and transitions, and render and export the finished piece. Two real-world example projects demonstrate keying green screen footage and creating an advanced 3D composition with the expanded 3D toolset, an important addition to CS6.
Adobe After Effects
What is After Effects?
Using the exercise files
1. Getting Started
The six foundations of AE
Introducing the interface and the workspace
Understanding compositions
Getting comfortable with layers
Getting started with animation and keyframes
Understanding effects
Moving in 3D space
Rendering your first animation
Specifying preferences and cache settings
Staying organized
2. Understanding Compositions
Creating compositions
Importing footage and compositions
Preparing compositions for animation
Introducing renderers
Understanding precomposing
Relinking missing footage
3. Building and Designing with Layers
Defining layers
Creating type
Creating layer solids and shapes with masks
Building shape layers
Understanding switches and blend modes
Crafting custom shapes and masks
Creating variable-width feathered masks
Rotoscoping with the Roto Brush
Refining with the Roto Brush
4. Animation 101
Understanding keyframes
Adding and adjusting keyframes
Interpolating keyframes
Adjusting keyframes in the Graph Editor
Understanding positional keyframes
Controlling animation with parenting and the pick whip
Understanding animation paths
Timing to audio
Trimming and sliding edits
Swapping images
5. Using Effects to Modify Layers
Layering multiple effects
Generating graphic effects with adjustment layers
Building backgrounds with effects
Creating animated strokes
6. Jumping into 3D
Introducing cameras
Working with 3D layers
Positioning layers
Adding lights and working with Material Options
Using 3D precompositions
Adjusting depth of field
7. Exporting and Rendering
Caching and prerendering
Understanding the alpha channels
Using the Render Queue
Rendering with Adobe Media Encoder
Archiving finished projects
8. Going in Depth with Type and Shapes
Creating type animators
Animating type in 3D space
Composing 3D type
Adding and animating type on a path
Animating shape layers
9. Video in Depth
Creating stylized video
Retiming video footage
Retouching with the Rubber Stamp tool
Smoothing shaky camera footage
10. Project: Keying Green Screen Footage
Understanding keying
Creating a garbage mask
Getting started with Keylight
11. Integrating External Projects
Importing Photoshop documents
Importing Illustrator files
Working With Premiere Pro projects
12. Project: Tracking and Advanced 3D
Adjusting ray-tracing quality
Tracking footage
Extruding shapes
Bending layers
Adjusting ray-traced lighting and materials
Adding environment maps
Beginning compositing
Creating render passes
Building a final composite
13. Conclusion
What’s next

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